What is Kipling?

An Ever Expanding Suite of Productivity Tools

Kipling provides the ultimate suite of tools and services to help keep organised. From uploading images, to jotting down notes, to utilizing forum macros. With tools being added regularily, Kipling acts as an ever expanding hub with tools to make your life easier.

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Kipling Updates and News

Welcome to Kipling

Kipling  provides the ultimate suite of productivity tools for professionals. Built by collaborators for collaborators. In the past couple of years we’ve been working on upgrading our existing set of tools to be used by the public, most notably o...

Kipling FAQ

With the public launch of Kipling, we understand that there are probably many questions and concerns about how Kipling works and our plans as well. I hope to address as many of your questions in this article as I can, however if you still have questions, concerns, feedback, or anything else that I d...

A Quick Note From Jon, Elijah & Ronnie

We’re excited to share with the public the future of Kipling as we go public. Jon, Elijah, and Ronnie have each written a short note to reveal the next steps that we’ll be taking as a team, what we’ve been working on, and the journey up to now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kipling Actually Free?

Yes! All of Kipling's tools are currently free for users and we do not require any payment. We want to make sure our tools are completely accessible for users and that they can use them as much as they want. However, we are looking into some forms of monetization for the future. We are looking in the best ways to do this so that we can ensure that our tools are still as accessible as possible. After all, we have Kipling bills to pay too.

What Tools Does Kipling Offer Currently?

At the moment, Kipling offers Kipling Images (and Kipling Image Settings for ultimate customization), Forum Macros (which work on the Hypixel Forums), Notes, and more coming soon! In the future we plan on adding many more tools and services for public use and we are always working on developing Kipling!. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions about what Kipling offers please be sure to contact us!

Who Owns and Runs Kipling?

Jonathan Daglish (darthdoesmc) is the owner of Kipling and created it back in 2015 initially as just a tool to help with school work. Elijah (Boga32) manages the operations of Kipling and works with Jonathan and Ronnie (Carcroft) to continuously improve upon and develop Kipling. Since its creation, Kipling has received major design changes, optimization improvements, security enhancements, and the list of tools and services has tripled. It continues to grow and improve to this day!

What Customization Does Kipling Images Offer?

Kipling Images is the most widely used tool that we offer currently and with it comes a wide range of customization options that no other platform or service offers to date. Upon creation of a Kipling account, you can change the image brand, set a background image, change the background color, set a description, add your own icon, set your own image domain, change the image author username, and link Kipling Images with ShareX. These settings allow for a truly personalized image uploading and sharing experience!

Is Kipling Secure?

Absolutely. We have put a lot of time into the development of Kipling security and it's ability to repell attackers. We view security as an extremely important factor and we have numerous systems running to help defend Kipling. We also offer Two-Factor Authentication for all Kipling accounts so that you can take steps yourself to protect your account. Please contact us immediately if you see unusual activity on your account of find a security vulnerability in Kipling.

Why Choose Kipling?

While we understand that there are loads of options out there for image uploading and other tools, we believe Kipling provides the most customization you'll find and everything is in one place. No more having to use multiple different programs to be productive online, all the tools and services you need for simple daily tasks are located in Kipling. We are also constantly updating Kipling to bring you even more useful tools! Create a Kipling account for free today!