Kipling Owner and Lead Developer

Jonathan Daglish (darthdoesmc)

Jonathan created Kipling initially as a way for him to learn to code in PHP. Over the years since, it has grown into a management and tools panel that is used by the Hypixel Karaoke Team (part of Hypixel Inc.), commercial work, and for personal use. Jonathan continues to develop Kipling and expand the tools and servics it offers. He also oversees Kipling security, performance, and makes sure Kipling servers are always online. He has lots of experience writing in PHP, HTML, JavScript, and using SYS management and SQL/database management. Outside of Kipling, Jonathan is a Moderator on the Hypixel Network (Hypixel Inc.), Hypixel Karaoke Team Leader, Composer, and Sound Designer. He currently studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

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Kipling Developer and Operations

Elijah (BOGA32)

Elijah started working on Kipling with Jonathan in late 2018. He currently works to maintain and update the Kipling home website and manage general Kipling operations. Elijah also helps to plan new Kipling tools and services, manages Kipling users, oversees Kipling security, and ensures that Kipling servers are online. Outside of Kipling, Elijah is a Helper on the Hypixel Network (Hypixel Inc.), Hypixel Karaoke Team Leader, and participates in various school clubs and band ensembles. He is currently 17 years old and is entering his senior year of High School. After High School, Elijah hopes to go to college and major in Human Resource Management.

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